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First Post! I am so excited for this brand new website. Way wayyyy back in the early 2000's, I had my very first professional website built by my buddy AJ who was a webmaster for Shane's World! Now, over twenty years later, I'm working with his amazing company ElevatedX to bring you my brand new website! After all the issues with platforms and social media companies, I've decided to take control! I am so excited to give you an exclusive glimpse inside the crazy world that is my life! These days Im a single lady with my divorce almost complete. As I am enjoying my freedom, I'm having a blast exploring life! Watch for all of my fun trips and awesome updates!

Just another Manic Monday! How was the start to your week? Well, I was so tired from the weekend, I overslept! I'm normally up early for Monday meetings but today I hit snooze and didn't wake up until nearly 1pm! It was definitely well needed. After enjoying my brief morning, I headed over to my college class, bread making. Today we made some seriously delicious stuff. First up we made a chocolate babka! This bread chocolate-swirled bread was so beautiful. I love how I'm so ahead of myself in class, I'm often tasked with helping others. I chopped up my chocolate pieces, then did Chefs for his demo. I also made simple syrup for the entire class. It's great that my time management allows me to complete all of my own work, and others as well. I think it helps show chef how hard I work. Anyway, I also realized there was a moment where I sound like teacher's pet and an ass kisser so I backed off a little lol Can't be too eager. Besides, my professor (chef) is totally hot so I'm always careful to be respectful and not ogle over him ( in front of him anyway hahaha). It's like there are 4 or 5 women in my class around my age and we all chat him up. If I was watching myself and the others, I'd be laughing my ass off. After we made the babka, we made gruyere cheese puffs! I made the pastry which definitely requires some skill. It's made from pate a choux puff, grated gruyere cheese, and pure heaven lol I think I ate too many already haha well I'm off to bed. I have a cam show tomorrow and then class after! Sweet dreams xoxo Don't forget to check out my store for autographed copies of LIZA!! Alana Evans

Dear my sweet ninjas, This weekend was so much fun! I was finally able to enjoy some time off after a long and busy week. Friday night I spent my evening making bread and shooting some customs! I learned how to make a BIGA... it's a 12 hour starter for Italian bread. It's kinda of like sourdough but not as old or as sour haha. Saturday I spent the day baking the bread that I had fermenting the night before. I have to say I am really loving bread class at school. So far I still have 100% in the class! I only have two more quizzes and my final so Im hoping to keep my perfect grade. I've been posting lots of pics but I'll be sure to post more. Saturday night I went to see The Smash Brothers, Cory and Chad, at a fun comedy club in San Diego adjacent called Mic Drop. It's got an awesome Cheshire cat them and it's gorgeous inside. We laughed the night away while drinking hipster b33r and listening to the rad comics. After smoking a few jays outside, I headed home nice baked and not too buzz3d. Since I never drive intoxicat3d, I had an Uber there, but LYFT back. Those damn surcharges changed what was a $23 ride there to a $63 ride back... no thanks lol We switched to LIFT but had the craziest conversation with our driver. Sometimes you gotta wonder what possesses people to tell you stories they should have kept to themselves lol It was so gnarly, I'll keep it to myself. haha After waking up Sunday morning around 11am, I prepared for my Sabotage Sunday show! This week went off pretty well! I played Kill It With Fire and had so much fun! The sabotages were fantastic and the crowd was really into it! Big thanks to Mark, TNT, Vedder, JFP, and of course Darkshine for the tips, the fun and to everyone else who tipped and joined! Finally, I've made it to round two of the Face of Horror Contest! I've been uploading a ton of pics to my Instagram to promote voting! to vote for me, visit https://faceofhorror.org/2022/alana-evans

It's been a great week so far! I've had some fun opportunities with all the press from my Wells Fargo story. I appeared on a Houston Fox 26 show, the Isiah Factor! The host was excellent and I was given a great opportunity to share what had happened. I was also asked by their producer to appear on the show in the future for other possible opportunities! So awesome! I have a trip to Houston and Austin, Texas coming next month that I am super excited for! I've never been to Texas to visit so this should be interesting. Im hanging out with my girl Dee Siren and TPEKeke and we are going to a concert that weekend. I'm seriously counting the days! Hope you had an amazing week! Alana